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Honest Mama Talk || I Said No

I have a habit of spreading myself to thin. I’m always saying yes when I’m asked to volunteer for things; I’m always taking on new projects; I’m always setting goals that are either impossible or very hard to accomplish. It’s insanity. I don’t know why I do it. I sometimes find myself believing that people…… Continue reading Honest Mama Talk || I Said No

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Oh Little Baby, What Will You Be?

Yes, I know.. I’ve been gone. But in my defense, this pregnancy has been tough. I’ve gone from being bedridden with “morning” (read: all day) sickness to being bedridden with a kidney infection due to the heightened hormones in my body. It’s been a wild ride, to say the least, but I’m now in week 16…… Continue reading Oh Little Baby, What Will You Be?

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I’ve been away, I know…

I know, I know. I’m horrible. I’ve been away for an obscene amount of time, neglected my blog, neglected my readers… I’ve just been an all around terrible blogger and I apologize. But in my defense, I’ve been busy. Matt and I got married!   October 11, 2014 was the big day and it was amazing. We got…… Continue reading I’ve been away, I know…