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So, We’ve Moved


We’re here. We’ve moved. It’s official, and we don’t have to do it again for at least 5-10 years. Can I get a loud, boisterous “hooray” from the audience? Because that’s what I feel like shouting right now, for sure. After almost a year of everything being up in the air – selling our house, moving in with my husband’s parents for 2 months, moving myself and the kids to MY parents’ house while hubby was deployed for 20 weeks, finally being told where we were going to be moving, having a house BUILT in a city we’ve never been to before without us even really being able to oversee the project, driving across the country for this move with two kids and a wild puppy in the car… gah! It has definitely a very intense year (last 8 months specifically) for our little family, but we’re here! We’ve arrived in our new town in western Texas, and we’re all adjusting well.

God has thankfully placed a lot of great things in our path since we’ve arrived here as well. We came in under budget for a lot of things that we had to purchase when we got to the new house, which is always a huge worry when you make a big move like this. We were also directed by some very good people to the best pediatricians and doctors possible for the kids. This was another huge worry given the fact that Landyn is a heart kid and requires a good Pediatric Cardiologist. We’re beyond happy that we were able to find one for him quickly.

We’ve also been incredibly blessed in the fact that God acted on our prayers swiftly and we were able to find a home church here without having to “church hop” at all. This was something that we were very concerned about as we didn’t want to introduce the kids to place after place before we found “our” place. The first church was clearly “ours” before the end of the first service that we attended. Hubby and I looked at each other halfway through the worship portion of the service and said “I think this is it!”

So. You’ll be seeing a lot more of me in these parts again. I tried to get this whole blogging thing under my thumb a few months ago, but I was in the thick of all of this. It was difficult to sit down and pour myself into any projects, even ones I love pouring myself into, when nothing was settled and everything was just hard. My husband is my support system and he was gone for a while, and nothing about that was easy at all. I’m pleased to report that everything is settled now, y’all. And I’m ready to get back to pouring my heart into this thing. I hope you’re still with me.


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