#MotivationMonday Challenges

Clean That Bag


It’s again, my dears… and that means that it’s time for another Motivation Monday Challenge. I’m in the middle of a serious case of “the Mondays” myself, so maybe this will light a fire under me. Lord knows I need a little bit of motivation to get some things done today!

This week’s challenge is to clean that bag.

Do you a messy purse in your possession? Or how about a diaper bag that is completely disorderly? Maybe a briefcase, a camera bag or a laptop case? Unless you’re an extremely organized and tidy person, chances are there is at least one bag in your possession that could use some cleaning up. Depending on how long you’ve let the messiness sit, this challenge will either be relatively easy or pretty challenging to accomplish.

Mondays are usually busy ones, but this shouldn’t take up a whole lot of time. Try setting aside a 10-15 minute block of time to work solely on cleaning out that purse! If you have more than one bag to clean out, break it up into a few blocks of time throughout the day. It may be fun to try taking before and after pictures just to show yourself how much you can accomplish in such a small chunk of time. If you do this, please tweet me with #MotivationMonday! I’ll retweet you!


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