#MotivationMonday Challenges · Blog Series

Quit Something


It’s a Monday… and Mondays don’t generally make people want to get up and be proactive about much. If you’re anything like me, you probably spend the first few minutes after you wake up clinging to your pillow and wishing that you could press the snooze button another 90 times. BUT… such is life. Motherhood duties call, work calls, and OH LORD… Netflix and a day of rest sound so much better.

Well, I’ve made a pact with myself, and I’m making one with all of you. I will be jumping on the #MotivationMonday bandwagon. I am determined to do something to rid myself of “The Mondays” and I will be accomplishing at least one thing that will jump-start my week in a positive direction.

This brings me to my newest blog series – #MotivationMonday Challenges. I will start every week off by posting a challenge with one thing that we all can try to accomplish (or even start to accomplish) that day. Maybe it will serve to take us all out of our Monday funk and give us all a positive outlook on what the rest of our week will be like.

This week’s challenge is to Quit Something.

I know that doesn’t sound like a positive or even promising challenge to take on, but believe me – it can be!

Maybe you’d like to do something small, like removing yourself from one (or even a few!) of those Facebook groups that you never participate in but always see on your timeline. You could unsubscribe from a bunch of junk emails in an attempt to clean up your inbox, delete an app from your phone that you believe takes up too much of your time, or you could remove yourself from a volunteer spot that you’re spreading yourself too thin with.

Maybe you want to start your week off with a big change, and make the decision today to quit (or start quitting) something you know that you should not be taking part in. Maybe you want to start taking the steps to quitting an awful habits or even conquering an addiction – whatever that may be.

I think that I’m personally going to start this series of challenges off by quitting a few small things. I have quite a few catalog and email subscriptions that I’ve been meaning to remove myself from. I may start with that, and who knows? I could run into 10 more things that I should be quitting!

If you’re participating in the challenges, I would love a tweet from you, or even an instagram post about it! Heck, a snap update from you on snapchat would be lovely! The links to those are in the sidebar on the blog.

Here’s to a good Monday, and Happy Halloween, everyone! 


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