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She’s TEN || Art Party for Kids


I’m officially the parent of a 10-year-old! I cannot believe it! Haley (our oldest) turned 10 a few weeks ago, and in celebration of her age officially heading into two digit zone, we decided to have a party. She has always been into arts and crafts… always drawing, coloring, painting, learning to sew. You name the project, she’s ready to tackle it. So this year we decided to have an art party.

I had originally planned to go all out with 90 different homemade decorations and a few projects for the kids to do, but we ran into the fact that we’re in the middle of a move so we decided to tone it down a bit. The kids and I are staying with my parents at the moment while my husband is deployed, so I didn’t want to impose on them by packing their house full of children for the day, hopping them up on birthday cake and then turning them loose with paint. Instead, we decided to rent out a pavilion at a local park and have it there. We limited it to one craft, fed thekids some cupcakes and then let them have a blast on the playgrounds. I made sure to FaceTime the hubby for a minute so that he was able to be a part of Haley’s special day as well.


The project that they did was a fairly easy one. I had gotten the idea from the CatchMyParty blog. A bought painters canvases on bulk from Joann’s Fabrics along with vinyl letter stickers and several different colors of washable (because kids) paints. We stuck their first initial to the middle of the canvas and let them paint over it until their little hearts were content. While they played on the playground, the paintings dried and they pulled the letters off before they left. It makes for a cute little canvas that they can hang in their rooms. I have a few canvases leftover and am half tempted to make one for myself with acrylic paint.


The kids had a blast and the clean up was easy. I just asked on the invitations that they bring a big shirt or an apron that they don’t mind getting paint on, and I set the project up over a plastic table cloth. When they were finished, we just rolled it up and tossed it out.

It made for a good party, and that’s all that matters to these kids at the end of the day. 🙂


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