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Deployment Diaries: The First Care Package

My husband has been away on deployment for four weeks now, and it goes without saying, but it’s pretty hard so far. For us, for the kids… it’s difficult, but we’re managing. We talk on the phone or Skype as much as we can, which is a lot more than most couples who are dealing with deployment are afforded because his is a domestic one (meaning he hasn’t left the country. We just can’t see each other until it’s over). We’re lucky, so we’re trying our best to always remember that.


Three days into the deployment, I decided to put together his first care package. I had been combing through the internet for ideas for weeks before he even left, and sending a stack of “Open When…” letters looked like a great idea for a first care package. If you haven’t been clued into what these are, they’re several letters written to your loved one that can fall under many different significant topics (Example: open when you’re really missing me; open when it’s your birthday; open when you’re having a bad day). These are usually created for a significant other who is away for a while or for a child to open and read as they hit milestones in their growth.

It took me a day or two, but I wrote 15 of them. Some of the envelopes included encouraging quotes or bible verses; some had a spray of my perfume added to them; others included pictures of me or the kids or of the two of us together. For example, in the envelope marked “open when it’s our anniversary,” I included a love letter and a few photos of us on our wedding day.

I also made sure to include a few packages of his favorite snacks (sour patch kids) in the box of letters.

This is a fairly easy gift to put together for your loved one, if you happen to be looking for something to send yours. I had a hard time coming up with some of the topics to go on each of the envelopes after I’d written a few so if you’re looking to create something like this for a loved one of your own and you need some topic ideas, I’ve created a printable with a list of the ones that I used in mine! I’ll link it up below!


Click for free “Open When…” Topic printable!

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