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Currently: {vol. 3}

Again, I’ve been slacking and I’m sorry for it. It will stop happening. I promise! It’s just that life and wedding planning took over my week! It’s insanity! I do have several posts planned and waiting in the wings this week, though, so look out for those!



Thinking About // School! Not for me, but for my daughter. It’s starting back up soon and she’s not too excited about it yet. She’s gotten her brand new school outfits and her backpack, and we’re going to be getting her supplies this week. Next week is meet your teacher day and she always loves that. Still.. it’s a new school for her and she’s not cool with it yet. She likes meeting new people, but she’s not excited about having to meet all new friends. She’s used to knowing at least one person. I’m just praying for a smooth transition, and that it happens relatively quickly. I’m planning on volunteering a lot this year, so maybe that will help move things along.

Reading // “Sisterhood Everlasting” by Ann Brashares.

Watching // Brothers & Sisters. Still. Also, Baby Daddy. It’s kind of cute.

Loving & Thankful For // I had to put these two categories together because let me just tell you: one definitely bleeds into the next! The help that my mother and future mother-in-law have offered me recently is just SO much more than I could ever have imagined. They pop in and out of our house all the time to help me put together wedding decorations and invitations. They make signs and help me with tule creations. I love them. I am so, so, SO thankful for them.

Enjoying // Pinterest. While I’ve always enjoyed it, I’m finding it extremely helpful and enjoyable lately. I’m finding lots of wedding decor as well as home decor ideas on it which are slowly but surely coming to fruition. I’ve found lots of lovely printables and ideas for our home binders as well as for meal planning. It’s amazing!

I’m joining my fellow bloggers again at A Mama Collective for their link-up. Join if you can!

4 thoughts on “Currently: {vol. 3}

  1. Kids are amazing. I’m sure she will settle in and find herself quickly in her new school. Here’s to hoping she has a great teacher, as that will certainly help the transition.

    How wonderful that you have such a great support structure with your moms. I’m sure they are loving being so involved in the big day too.

    Look forward to seeing more posts this week xxx


    1. Haley is definitely a strong and resilient little girl. I’m really hoping that that helps her through this transition. I’m sure that it will. I’m possibly more nervous than she is about all of this!

      I’m so happy that I have these two women who are so willing to help Matt and I with all of the wedding planning. I need to come up with a good gift to give the both of them on the big day!

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting again! I promise to stay on top of my posts this week! 🙂


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